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Anemond releases Factoid 2 loop revamper as VST/AU and standalone

PARIS, France – February 13, 2024.  Anemond has released Factoid 2, a new version of its software tool for generating rhythmic and melodic variations from audio clips. Previously only available as a Max For Live device compatible with Ableton Live, the new version 2 is a complete rewrite as a VST and AU plugin, as well as a standalone application.

Factoid is a lightweight tool that allows remixing and randomizing any sound. Sharing the same machine learning decomposition engine than Factorsynth, it decomposes clips into a set of layers that can be manually remixed, muted or randomly shifted in time to change the temporal structure. Whereas Factorsynth is a full-fledged sound design studio, Factoid focuses on easily generating variations of loops with a much simpler interface and less CPU and memory consumption.

Factoid is able to extract between 2 and 8 components that overlap in time in the original sample. For example, in a drum loop, it can often separate snare from kick even if they play at the same time in the original clip. Once extracted, the different layers can be remixed and displaced in time, with or without quantization.

Here are some of the things that can be done with Factoid 2:

  • Randomize the temporal structure of any clip.
  • Create new drum patterns on the fly.
  • Turn melodies into textures.
  • Solo/mute individual layers.
  • Enhance or reduce specific parts of sounds.
  • Create a remixing session with several synchronized Factoids, repurposing a selection of clips from your collection.

Besides a complete rewrite as a plugin, version 2 includes several new features, such as a new individual component control panel and sound exporting by drag and drop to a DAW track or external file.


Factoid 2 is available as a VST3 and AUv2 plugin, and also as a Mac OS and Windows standalone application.

  • For plugin and standalone versions: Mac OS (Intel/M1/M2) or Windows (64 bit)
  • For plugin versions: 64 bit DAW compatible with VST3 or AUv2


Factoid 2 is available for purchase at 

 Each version contains the full VST/AU and standalone variants.

  • Regular price: 29 EUR 
  • Upgrade: 10 EUR (for owners of Factoid version 1 or Factormini)


Anemond is a music software studio based in Paris. Founded by J.J. Burred, an independent developer and musician, and former researcher at IRCAM-Centre Pompidou and visiting scholar at UC Berkeley, Anemond designs innovative tools aimed at musical creation.

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