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Sloom is an extreme timestretcher that turns any sound into a lush soundscape. By radically slowing down playback, sounds are transformed into smooth, malleable matter that can be expressively modified with a unique spectral shaping module. Working both on audio files and on live input, Sloom lets you easily create rich textures for ambient tracks, sound design, art installations… They can span hours, days or much longer…  How far can you go?


how does Sloom work?

Timestretching is the process of slowing down a sound without altering its pitch. Sloom includes 5 different timestretching algorithms, combined with a spectral display to show the frequency contents of the current sound. The more you slow down a sound (by increasing the “stretching factor”), the slower the displayed spectrum will evolve, until you eventually reach a fixed spectrum. 

To avoid getting too static sounds with extreme stretching factors, there are several modules that let you keep them lively and evolving: a spectral shaper, a spectral modulator, and a randomness module.

what is Sloom good for?

Sloom is a sound design tool to create rich and evolving textures. You can turn your favorite song into a contemplative ambient track, or easily create the soundtrack for a video. 

Do not use Sloom for traditional timestretching to small, precise stretching factors (such as for tempo warping or synchronization). Its algorithms are designed for extreme stretching factors (more than x10) and transients are not preserved!

Sloom demo

  • Demo runs for 20 minutes.
    Saving is disabled.


  • Full version

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system requirements

current version

 v1.0.2 (June 27, 2024)


user manual

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